5 Key Technology Considerations For Your Product

Reduce Risk and Future-proof Your Business with Smart tech Strategy

The software world is rife with dogma. Developers argue about the benefits this language or that, new frameworks rise and fall in popularity, technologies that were once cutting edge’ become “legacy” at best and, at worst, non-functional and a burden. Poor choices today can hamstring future growth.

EyeCue Lab thinks different.

We use the right tech for the job. This means understanding both your immediate and future needs. Taking flexibility, scalability, extensibility, and speed to market into consideration. Integrating with your existing technology ‘stack’ (either directly or though an API layer). We’re not married to any solution (though we have STRONG opinions) and give you the information you need. We don’t have any agenda other than building the best digital product.

Although technologically agnostic, our typical dev stack includes back-end technologies such as React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, .NET and front-end technologies like AngularJS, Backbone.js and Sass. We excel at architecting databases using MongoDB, PostgreSQL/MySQL and Apache Cassandra.

On the mobile side, we build for both iOS and Android, fully tested and ready for the most commonly used hardware. Need a single codebase that works everywhere? We use the React Native framework. Want to leverage low level device functionality? Native development (such as Swift for iOS) is the way to go.

There’s no single way to build a product. We’re agile, responsive to your needs. We’ll build it the right way.

Key PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY considerations:

1. Maintainability
Most EyeCue engagements are complete with a handoff of the codebase to the partner’s internal team. We’ll help you define what resources you need now and in the future. Don’t have a tech team yet? Up-to-date technology developers are easier to find and retain. Don’t want to bring it in-house? We can continue to support your product and business as a whole.

2. Time to market
In many cases, speed is king. Getting first mover advantage. Putting the MVP into your customer’s hands. Gathering feedback as soon as possible. We are biased toward action, and can bring products online in weeks or months, instead of years.

3. Existing infrastructure
Nothing is built in a vacuum. We take your existing software and hardware into account with every solution we build.

4. Extensibility
Today’s requirements might not satisfy tomorrow’s needs. Extensible development means your product will grow as your business does.

5. Scalability
You’ve heard the horror stories. The curse of too much success. Unanticipated growth brings a product to its knees. Websites crash. Sales are lost. Customers are angry. These problems are easily avoided with the right strategy from the start.