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Prospects: How To Make Them Love You

There’s a tricky conundrum in the sales cycle. You believe in your service. You’ve demonstrated value. You continue to prove your business model. Yet…how do say that to someone you want to work with? Of course if someone asks you first, it’s answer them. “This is what we do, this is how we do it and if you need it, we’ll do it for you and we’ll do a great job while we’re doing it. Let me tell you how.” Easy peasy…because they started the conversation.

But how do you get someone unknown to put you in their calendar not just once, but over and over again? Or rather, how do you make someone love you when they don’t yet know you?

When researching for this article, I googled: “How to be your best on a first date.” So much advice! Tips like: “Memorize your Lines”, “Be On Time”, “Open the Door”, etc. etc. Essentially, good manners. Although appreciated, simply exuding decent manners does not typically solidify the bond that I am exploring. I’m talking about real connection here.

So okay, back to the drawing board. I switched it up and googled: “How to be a great spouse.” The advice I found had much more depth. It was far more human. And that’s when I realized, approaching prospects in an attempt to make them your client is all about being human. It’s about respect, confidence, trust, empathy and dedication. It’s about creating a lasting partnership.

So I translated relational behaviors into sales strategies, tried and tested it…and they worked! Here are a few examples:

  • Ask someone who trusts you, to introduce you to someone you want to know. Not only does this demonstrate bravery, but it shows confidence. Both of those traits are vital for the health of any relationship.
  • Reach out and introduce yourself to someone you want to know. But before you do this, you must do the following:
  • Research THEM. Who are they? What is their history? What are they looking for? Show your prospect that you care about them and their needs, not just yours.
  • Ok, back to introducing yourself.
  • Insert a piece of evidence that shows you took the time to learn about them. And ask them a question. This demonstrates both enthusiasm and humility. You know a little, but you don’t know it all.
  • Schedule a date to meet. Although eyeballs deep in the age of digital communication, nothing is better than a few moments talking live with a delicious cup of coffee between your palms. Be human. Don’t just be a computer.
  • Fly to them if they’re worth it. I mean, who wouldn’t feel flattered at such a gesture?
  • LISTEN! I cannot stress this enough. Listen. Repeat things that are important. Demonstrate that they are respected and that you are present.
  • Be vulnerable with your humility if something is raised that you don’t yet understand. You will always be learning. That’s okay. It’s great, actually.
  • Shake their hand with intention and respect. The strong grip for the hello and the double-handshake (the one when you put your other hand over the normal handshake) shows them that you’re awake and alive. And ready to help them solve their problems.
  • Follow through with your promises. If you said that you’ll send them something, send it. Right away. Take the initiative. Show integrity.
  • Follow up. Forget that three-day rule. Do it immediately. Say thank you. Make them feel like a priority.
  • Continue to tell them the truth. Communicate always. Be authentic. Pay attention to their story.

Bam. Love.

EyeCue practices what we preach by building fantastic relationships with new people. We may not know each other yet, but pretty soon we’ll be friends, and one day…you’ll love us like the partner we are.