Legacy enterprise systems

Now is the Right Time to Modernize Your Business

Visualize the future by upgrading yesterday’s technology

Enterprise business systems are constantly innovating, and technology leadership translates directly to your competitive advantage. Modern business systems must stay agile and responsive to market changes; this means migrating legacy systems to current platforms, leveraging new technologies as they become available, and reducing risk from supporting aging applications.

Future-proof Your Business with the latest technologies

  • Enterprise solutions
  • Cost Effective
  • Cloud Native
  • Container Native
  • Mobile-first
  • API-first
  • Modern Development
  • React / React Native
  • Node.js / Golang
  • Python / Ruby
  • Databases including MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra

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EYECUE LAB – Enterprise software development

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Data science, enhanced.

Empower your application with machine learning to discover complex patterns inside big data. Our experience includes the application of AI to pattern recognition, real-time linguistic translation, and recommendation engines, all based on complex data analysis.

API Development and Integration

Connect with anyone. Work with everyone.

Application Programming Interfaces enable disparate systems work to work seamlessly together. We’ve connected applications to Quickbooks, FedEx, Hubspot, SAP, Salesforce and over two dozen other popular web-enabled services. Want to make your product available to others? We can build your outbound API to facilitate integration with other apps.

Technology and platform Agnostic

Intelligent solutions require insightful thinking, not blind devotion.

Unlike others, EyeCue Lab is not tied to a specific technology, platform, or methodology. Each project is assessed independently; we consider scale, existing infrastructure, costs, extensibility, flexibility, support, and a host of other factors when making tech stack recommendations.

Our development teams are located in the US

Simple, reliable, convenient.

Our team of designers, developers, and product experts are located in the continental US. We’re working when you’re working; scheduling is simple and tight integration with your team is a snap. Working together shouldn’t feel like work.

We Build Trust, Not Contracts

Superior relationships are the foundation of our success.

We strive to consistently exceed partner expectations. Passion and enthusiasm drive every EyeCue Lab engagement and our teams are deeply vested in both the products we build and the people we work with. We work each 2-week engagement sprint at a time. It’s up to the quality of our work to keep you as a client.

We're agile, in all the right ways

Our speed is your unfair advantage.

Time to market. It can make the difference between first-mover and could-have-been. Thanks to agile methodology, our just-right org size, and entrepreneurial roots, EyeCue is biased towards ACTION. Integrate complex systems in weeks or months instead of years. Reduce ramp-up time. And minimize risk and by avoiding endless development delays.