It’s OK to Doubt

There will come a time in your early startup life where you will wonder if you are wasting your time given the seemingly insurmountable odds against you.

Naturally, there will be doubts. And doubts can be a terrible thing to entrepreneurs. It can be that nagging feeling that you’ve missed the big picture. It can fester your passion and affect your attitude about your product. Worse yet, it can be a powerful force that defeats you before you even get off the ground.

As entrepreneurs, we are naturally optimistic. It is easy turn a blind eye on doubts because you accept that they come with the territory.

But you can change that mindset. If doubts are not simply pushed aside or ignored through false bravado, you may use doubts as an early failure detection mechanism.

Are you discouraged by investors? Take time to process and understand their perspectives. Address your doubts by correcting your pitch or re-evaluating the market. Are you discouraged by competitors? Take time to look through their value propositions and explore their possible roadmap. Address your doubts by critically identifying your differentiators.

The best advice someone can give to you is to show you exactly how to succeed. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen. The second best thing is to understand what may cause you to fail. Tackling your doubts head on is one way to do so.

Don’t fear your doubts. Embrace them and let them be the counter-weight to your indefatigable drive as you walk the tightrope of startups.